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If your action game requires a FAQ to beat the first few levels...#1: RoboHostage!
Multi-Sports Unlicensed-Straviganza, part 4: Anyone for Tennis?
Multi-Sports Unlicensed-Straviganza, part 3: BMX-Ball!
Multi-Sports Unlicensed-Straviganza, part 2: I'm talkin' Baseball!
Data East Low...Ku Reviews?
The New Haiku Review of 60% of Data East's NES Catalog: part 3 of 3!
The New Haiku Review of 60% of Data East's NES Catalog: part 2 of 3!
The New Haiku Review of 60% of Data East's NES Catalog: part 1 of 3!
NES Useless Gear Documented Here
For Sold Games, I've...#4: all the bubbles have gone out of my coral
For Sold Games, I've...#3: Wisdom...BUT AT WHAT COST?
For Sold Games, I've...#2: I sold every Section I see, from Section A to...
For Sold Games, I've...#1: Breaking Thru is Hard to Du!
Ninten-DO's: sharp-lookin' hairstyles of the NES
Shoot-em-Ups and the GOOD kind of memorization
Throwing-Axes of the NES: from least to most infinite
Ignominious Mummies of the NES/SNES #3: Mummies like a hurricane...
Ignominious Mummies of the NES/SNES #2: Adjectivey Noun Firstname!
Ignominious Mummies of the NES/SNES #1: a Pirate's Mummy for Me!
Hassle in the Castle of Dragon
Fight! For Everlasting Golf!
Shinobi-anigans, second 2 bosses: Vaguely Hindu Matryoshka Dolls + Samurai Lobster!
Shinobi-anigans, first 2 bosses: Ogre Samurai + Turtle-copter!
Shinobi-anigans: Punting Prisoners, Pinwheels Puncturing Pouncers, & Puzzling Power-Ups!
Roll-call-ing Thunder!
You've got to Roll with the Thunders
What the H-E-Double-Genre-Sticks?
Walkin' in a Winter WTF Land
C64 to NES Beat-em-Up Port Throwdown - Weapons
C64 to NES Beat-em-Up Port Throwdown - Bosses
C64 to NES Beat-em-Up Port Throwdown - Enemies
Visualize Whirled Games
NES Censorship: Are You a Man, or Are You a Mouse?
I'm sorry, but your Gorilla does not Thrilla me.
Lifestyles of the RENEGADE and Famous!
Get Legendary, get lucky...and go to the DANGER ZONE!
Powering Up your Ninja Kid for fun and profit
You've got to be Ninja Kid-ing me.
What a Lode!
Xenophobe's Paradox: Fun in the Sun with a Gun
...or should that be "SUICIDE King's Knight"?
A Gauntlet of Indestructible Ham
Exodus: Movement of Ja Character Classes!
How to Draw Mages, Dwarves, and Elves...the HILLSFAR way!
Great Ape New Math: 1 + Jr = 3!
The Best Icy Puzzle Game whose Name Rhymes with 'Testicle'!
He's got a Ph.D in Unpredictability!
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6/26/23: Get Legendary, get lucky...and go to the DANGER ZONE! by CarlMarksGuy
6/23/23: Get Legendary, get lucky...and go to the DANGER ZONE! by Marla Singer
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