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Frog Guy Vorhees
Pick a Boat
Help, help, I'm being leveled up!
Punch, Balance, it's all in the crossbow
Vice: Project Wheat
I know he scares the willies out of me!
Castlevania 2: Simon's Conch
Monster Elevated Hand-Slap
Maybe you should have used some of the repair charge for that
That weapon does get around.
He doesn't believe it
Cabin Boys
That's the general idea
Buzz Buzz Buzz, I'm a space robot.
Oddly Shaped TV!
The Chin Speaks
The Wicked Icarus of the West
Vice: Project Complementary Snacks!
...The Gray -- or, uh, The Fuschia!
There's just one thing you're forgetting, Biff...
This time we really DO mean amphibians!
Vice: Project Sherry
Oh, my soda!
Feudin' Danse!
The Macho Wiseman!
A.P.B. for M.U.P.P.E.T.
Duckman fences for Fishman?
...he stole it and now he's back!
I'm Bad! At sleeping at the right times!
A Mighty Quest! Or something!
What did you says?
What's a dragon between friends?
Cult of Car-y Wisdom
Just an A-Button to the LEFT
It's a snappy color!
Get Equipped with YUM!
You've got a little something there
Duke Parapa...
Why pay for the hints...
Vice: Project Hibachi
Vice: Project Contemplation
Vice: Project Healthy Mouth
His Degree isn't Shrimpy!
Dig the 'Do!
Sweep you off your week
Orton's Next!
Merchy Big-Hands
The Mysterious Board!
Well, I did wonder about that.
Millions of Unusual NPCs Leaping Everywhere!
Turn around, Snake Eyes
I am the Toastmaster of the Guard
River-Side Diner!
Robotic Bubbleheaded
Putting the PUN in Punching someone out.
Skull n' ...well, they're cross anyway.
The Machete in the Stone
They'll show anything!
Bad dudes; good use of semicolon!
Old home-owners are all alike!
My Kingdom for a Seat.
It's not even mightier than the sword.
It's a sword that eats like a meal!
Stylin' and Dr. Wilyn'
Chalice in the Palace!
Useful Controller Tips
Pirate Orthodontist!
Urban Khampionbat!
...the year the Smark in me moved on
I call it like I see it...
Dagobah System?
Bad Mega-Hair Day
Castlevania II: Simon's Nap
It's the funkiest Dance Macabre you've ever seen!
Ast me no questions!
It's a trapazoid!
The Orc Club
As close as a blade!
Doo-doo Doot do Doot De dooot!
My froghead hurts.
More like EATER-man!
Muttonchoptimus Prime
What, Laser-Archie's busy?
Bad Soy Brawler
Code Name: Steve
I'm Baddie!
Fresh Columns!
Exactly what it says on the Ninja-Tin
The Pink Alien and Duke
...and just like that, I've doubled the market!
Let's give him a big hand!
I'm the last drop!
Get the bugspray
I'm sorry, Duke, I can't do that.
Can't we patch things up?
Camp Cavity!
...and what a contest it is!
Baguette Monster
Anyone for tennis?
SEVERAL times!
Tombstone of the Unknown Topping
Rare plants for sale!
Well, okay then!
If you love your breakfast, set it free
Well, they didn't see THAT one coming!
This is why most characters do their brooding at night
If you give a genre enough trope, it'll hang itself
He's a wily one, is this boy!
Simian vs. Dairy!
Paging Dr. Fun!
A Warrior's Conundrum
It's the...Ear of the Tiger!
My favorite video game/super hero holiday!
This time WOLVERINE gets slash-ed
Magnetism vs. Neckware
Here on Simon's Isle!
Jerk Alert!
Emilio Estevez and Barry Darsow would approve
Indeed, it is.
Dude -- equip a towel!
The Rockman-n-Wrestling Connection 2
...but it's all he knows!
There's one at every barbecue!
The Rockman-n-Wrestling Connection 1
Nocturnal Priorities
Wait 'til Marion hears about this!
The secret of my success: teleporters
Won't you take me to...
What a tasty night for a curse!
Bad Streets...but Good Friends!
Ninjas: Silent Assassins!
Clown Shoe Ugly
If you look closely at his forearm...
Time flies when you're having fummy!
Let the Buyer Beware!
Bad Mutants
Rescuers on Strike...for Salad!
Wrath of the Denim Jacket II
Men WITH hats
Federal Bureau of ICARUS!
Don't stop Wrath of the Black Manta-ing!
The Apple of his Ninjitzu
Ninja Home Makeover
It's even faster than Jet form!
He can't take it all in with one eye
Mortimer Ugg
Any time a civil servant is abducted by ancient soldiers...
It's not work if it's doing what you love
Friendship is Punching People
Bad Meats
Illin' Peeps
Did he defeat WACKY Man?
Code Name: Tchotchke
Hair Club for Mega Men
Lord of the Dance
Sorry, Urban Champion...
Bring the nachos!
It's a product that's made to share!
Walk Like a Big Hairy Ape
So THAT'S where he lives!
Burn-y lies the head that wears the confetti
Isn't that always the way?
Did he defeat Deli-Man?
Dr. Wily borrowed him from Dr. Eldritch Horror
He shoots, he scores!
The Bonus Level Blues
A Jarring Bonus Level
Doo doot-doot-doot!
News at 11 (plus dinner)
Ninja Cold and Flu Season
It's a switcharoo!
Top X-Man
That's what robot neighbors are for!
A Very Manta Xmas
Play Ball!
Hatchet for a Nap Time!
He's a ninja who knows what time it is
So THAT'S what he's looking at
Be sure to vacuum
His hopes -- dashed!
Arrr, I be confused by yer window
They're infernally delicious!
Simon's Wookie
Simon's Quest...for baked goods
Code Name: Channel Changer
Thanks, Mole People! Let's go get a burger.
Code Name: Problems with Delivery
Code Name: T.V. Room
A feather from a butterfly?
Wrath of the Black Leather Jacket
...and they're probably people-eaters, too!
The Skinny on the Skeleton
Just phoning it in
Take these 20E!
Ninja Decorating Tip #1
He's the head of the organization
Dinner's on me
Manta in the Willows
Diff'rent Mantas
Secret Off-Brand Man!
A Mid-Life Kidnapping!
He looks like that for a reason!
Why do you think they call it Ninja Arts?
A Beady Soliloquy
Wrath of the Denim Manta
Illogical Bread
Whatta Ninja Maroon...
Robo Takeout Request
Just call him "Paul Solo"
It's not easy being green
Garnish - Or - Die!
He's a little bit rock-n-roll
Advanced Alien Discotequenology!
Wurm...Or...Die Die Die Die!
Don't Slack on Packing Slacks!
Jason's just Jealous!
The Bing Bings
Rock, Paper, Jason
Bad Street Drawer
What a great co-pilot!
Fashionable but Chilly
Code Name: Minor Circuit
Fish Food
You will believe a man is fly!
Just don't rub his nose in it.
Simon's DRAW!
Head of Jug, Neck of Laser!
It's a better place than one's pants.
He's not REALLY glad.
Who knew giant stone blocks were so flammable?
Code Name: Kitchen Safety
SOMEONE had a worse day than Simon!
The Deep Blue Sea-Devil
One day he hopes to be a REAL game!
Bad Street Architecture
With Old Men like these...
Today's the day the teddybears have their Xexyz
Uh, but should I show this note to the cliff?
Simon follows his nose
...but it's more portable!
Bowled Over!
My Angelkingdom for a General Practitioner!
What a pity.
Oh, that Simian Jokester!
Crunch Coat...of FIRE!
Pillows must cost a fortune
Can you endure this harsh taunt?
Put your pencils down!
Kid Miser
Milon's Secret Snacks
Simon McBelmondo is no chicken!
What a long bad street trip it's been
Obi Stooge Kenobi
Bad Street Dancer!
Combat and Condiments
Friends, Romans, Bad Street Brawlers...
B.O. Street Brawler
His chin is FRACTIONALLY Better!
Bad Street Broomer?
High Kick Hijinx
Bad Street Depilator
Don't Trouble Trouble til Trouble takes you HERE
You can't spell "ACK" without "AC"
"Gentleman" George!
Lord Brit-ASH
You don't need a machete to cut the mustard
Compulsory Football
The Nintendo Fun Club was never THIS fun!
Meet the new conductor, same as the old conductor...
SOMETHING's clearly jumped the shark here.
So he can get a handle on his thoughts...
In Soviet X-Man, Colossus shadows YOU!
Code Name: Stroke of Genius!
Hot Dog, it's a Commando Raid!
Code Name: Marshmallows + Graham Crackers
Worst Secret Ever
MORE Top Secret Information re: Ursines and Bee Food Supplies
Top Secret Information re: Ursines and Bee Food Supplies
The Dude Flying-Cross-Chops.
He's the (Adamantium) Star!
Quest of the Onion Soup
It was a dark and stormy mutant
Nighty-Night Crawler
Mr. Iceman Miser!
Cyclops and Olly SHOW!
Metal Gear Subtle
Ah, Camping!
A Fishy Showdown
Code Name: CHORES!
Mysterious Depilation!
Simon's Quest...for Halloween!
The Man with the Atomic Brain!
Faux American BADA$$
Pinned by the WAAAA-mbulance?
Marky Leavy Mark!
Good Night, Sleep Tight...
It's an Elfish Steal!
I draw the line at killer plants
Sweatin' to the Mouldies!
...and his beard is nice, too!
Willis the Hermit
...his hair was PERFECT!
That Laura is a golden girl!
Curse that Zelda!
ToadsHousilvania II!
Warp Whistle PPK!
That's where you get the Wooden Katana!
Isn't it funny how a bear likes...uh, what?
Sanitized "Friday the 13th" Game Over screen
The Healing Power of Laughter...caused by funny hats.
Hermit-ically Cured Ham!
A Marquis of Queensbury-Rules Machete Fight!
Pluggin' the Next Generation Sequel Already!
Top Billing!
They're hard to count!
Simon is in for a disappointing bath!
The Werewolf said "Huzzah!"
A Select Clientele
Sherry in the Sky with Greasepaint
An Underequipped Ally!
A Healthy Theological Discussion
Stand Up Straight!
Good Night, Simon!
Fire will damage Jason the most!
The King's Important Question
The Ninja Grill
I hate it when that happens!
Oh, they're sweatin' alright!
Those locksmiths must be rich
A Dangerous Purchase
Ninjas like Hummus!
I can't see without my...
Everybody Cut Foot LOST!
...And Stay Off My Lawn, Dagnabbit!
He's a frog who knows what he wants!
It's the Right Thing To Do
Woah, Tough Crowd!
How to Impress Girls
The Water is Getting Cold.
Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite
Milon's Sartorial Castle
That Salty Old Dog!
You can never be too prepared for bad acts
Armaments are Wasted on the Young!
Jerk Alert!
Zombie dancing can't be safe dancing!
Welcome to Castlevania Religious Building Chat!
Wacky Hijinks in Argool!
Wizardwear: Built for Comfort (if not defense)
Not a very useful hint
How do you defend against THAT?
I shouldn't have stolen those Sam-sa-ra baskets!
It's Not Easy Being King Green
Xex Appeal
M.C. Warhammer
Is that a Crown or a Cone?
A Compass Heart based on MUTUAL RESPECT.
And the Other Guard Always Tells the Truth...
4 Player Characters walk in to a Bar
Beard Full of Kryptonite
Soothern Hospitality
The Secret of Dietary Invulnerability
Tip o' the Nose to Ya!
Oh, is THAT him?
Care for a Night Cap?
Ouch, My Head...
The Graveyard Duck?
A Cold Reception from a Chilly Hermit
I always wondered about that.
Bad Links
In my day...
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