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NES Obscurity Quicky!

This week, the best icy puzzle-em-up since including Snow Bros, it's the kooky game with the funny name...
Kickle Cubicle!
What's this game all about you ask?
Well, you're a goofy little boy wearing earmuffs, whose breath freezes stuff:
Once frozen, enemies can be kicked off the edge of the arctic islands the game takes place on, forming bridges and allowing you to gather the magic bags full of (presumably) an alloy of Unobtanium and McGuffinite. Once you've collected all the bags on each island, it violently dissolved into the sea; evidently the very thing which Kickle hoards is vital to the survival of these delicate ice floes. BUT NO MATTER!
You can also cause ice stumps to grow out of the ground (presumably by voiding massive quantities of urine), forming an impenetrable wall on a square in front of you. You may also disintegrate these at will.
Combine those two skills with an infinite supply of cannon fodder enemies, and you've got an arcade-y puzzle game!
So, how is it to put yourself in Kickle's bizarre shirtless/suspenders/earmuffs outfit and put the deep freeze on random blobs and birds?
Good Points
Well, if you liked the Lolo games, but hated how there was usually only one solution, and if you misuse an item/enemy/trick, you have to commit suicide, you'll prefer the looser, more action-based feel of these puzzles.
Also at the end of every world, you get to fight a cool boss enemy, like this chicken pirate Koke-head:
They throw a big block at you, it breaks into small blocks, you kick the small blocks at them. Rinse, repeat...but at least it uses more of your normal gameplay skills than the last boss in Bubble Bobble!
And like most puzzle games, it's also very long, so of course there's passwords so you can pick up where you left off.
Bad News
Despite starting pretty forgivingly (especially for a puzzle game), it gets pretty complex eventually, which may or may not be to your liking. Not just more enemies (with their own different behaviors and appearances)...
...but some weird "hit this object with a block, and it bats the block over there" kind of devices that you have to chain together in specific ways.
Also, every now and then weird, long-winded anthropomorphic versions of inanimate objects show up and go all Silmarillion on your ass:
Excuse me Professor Corn -- is this going to be on the final?
Well, overall...
If you ask me, it's more fun for a casual play than Lolo, if only because almost all the enemies re-spawn after being killed (and since frozen enemies are the tools you use to solve the puzzle, there's less "you wasted the item and now can't beat the level" kind of silliness).
...but as far as action pseudo-puzzle games, it's less well-built and fun than Bubble Bobble.
Quicky Verdict?
YOU SAVED ME...from boredom.
...for a while, anyway. Moderate thumbs-up; you might check it out.
— carlmarksguy, 2012-08-10
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