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Here's a full ten (10) super duper moderately obscure Super Nintendo cyborgs!
Cearle, Mechwarrior
Bartender/Information Broker/Bruce Campbell look-alike.
Brocken, World Heroes
Future German soldier with extendable limbs
Metalhead Mike, Battle Cars
Welder/race driver with a bionic arm modeled after the Technodrome.
Helmut, Street Combat
Robot/cyborg/whatever on a hoverboard who also has extendible limbs; his name implies he's German.
Galactic Commander, Math Blaster Episode 1
Commander of the Galaxy! (Job responsibilities are limited to telling you to rescue your lightbulb-shaped robot from a yellow three-eyed alien by doing math)
Cyber Woo, King of Monsters 2
Giant cybernetic gorilla, who can headbutt people from a distance due to an extending neck (possibly of German design?)
All your agents, Syndicate
Paid assassins willing to have their limbs/organs replaced with cybernetic enhancements and to pose half-nude on the status screens!
Orbot, The Peace Keepers
Robot-y cyborg-y thing; limbs are sort of always extended (perhaps he was designed in Austria).
Roden Wull, Mechwarrior
Pointless banged-up mercinary who shows up once on a holovid to display his goofy name and "O"-face.
K'S, Tuff E Nuff / Dead Dance
German dude with flowing blond hair, no shirt or shoes, and of course some mechanical arms (which give him an extended reach).
In conclusion...
I'm not sure what it is with Japanese game developers portraying Germans as evil beings whose humanity has been overcome by mechanization and whose reach exceeds their grasp. Perhaps it could be psychoanalyzed to lingering bitterness from the Axis days and Hitler's ill-fated assault on Stalin's Russia?
Hmmm...what do you think, Big Sky Trooper recruiting agent; is that clever political analysis?
— carlmarksguy, 2012-06-22
If only Marco from Kaiser Knuckle was a cyborg - he's also German and can extend his limbs, but he's a Frankenstein's Monster with not so much as one cog or gear!
Sounds like he's a MARY-SHELLY-PUNK cyborg! Yeah, this is a weird convention. Its a lot easier to understand the whole "French fighters should be lithe fencers" thing than this.
The guy in the last picture looks like the first (failed) attempt to clone Inspector Gadget. (The second was obviously Gadget Boy.)
If he was created in the image of Inspector Gadget, hopefully they'll put a trenchcoat, or at least a shirt or something, on him!
That last guy looks like his eyeball and his jaw are in a desperate battle to consume the entirety of his face.
6 money's on the jaw in that contest. Just LOOK at that underbite! (And on reflection, I think Skinr was talking about the drill sergeant fellow popping out of the television too).
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