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NES Obscurity Quicky!

Ah, The Adventures of Dino-Riki. It seems like only a few months ago that I wrote about you whilst discussing the vital topic of NES throwing-axes. And what was my conclusion, from my limited, naive exposure to your gameplay? Well, allow me to reproduce the key quote below; in regards to every hit downgrading your weapon-boosts and speed-boosts, I said the following:
"Perhaps they should just have the cartridge punch you in the face or ignite your NES system every time you get hit, and be done with it."
but then I humorously added, "(Did I mention I now want to find a copy of this game?)"
Well, skip ahead 6 months and...
sadly, I found a copy. initial impression was correct. In fact, the longer I played the game, the more I felt like the game was giving me one unambiguous message:
It's beyond my power to write the novel it would take to detail all of the sucker-punches this game throws your way, so let's just go throught he highlights in outline form:
  1. So many power-ups so soon,
    • but so easy to get bumped & knocked back down
    • & not accumulate,
    • like the worst "Feast or Famine" power-up shoot-em-up games
    • Powered-up or no, you have to be shooting every second...even though you only get auto-fire after about 4 shooting power-ups.

  2. Worst jumping mechanics this side of Temple of Doom and/or every 3-D platformer
    • little sense of how far a jump goes
    • slippery footing / lightning-quick leaps
    • twitch-and-fall pit edges
    • jumping does NOT dodge bullets, doesn't reliably dodge ground-based enemies

  3. BAD DESIGN...
    • The Continue option re-starts you at the last sub-stage you got to...WHICH BECOMES A CURSE! (You have to re-play the same rock-hard sections without enough power-ups to survive)
    • Bosses...EASIEST part of the game

  4. but most of all...sooo many "STOP PLAYING THIS GAME!" moments:
    • power-ups that you haven't yet picked up BLOCK YOUR SHOTS (as do lots of background thingies)
    • Pits! (see above)
    • Enemy patterns designed to screw you:
      • right after you survive a horrible challenge -- a new wave of enemies comes from the bottom of the screen, cutting across the middle of the screen with no warning...
      • or raining down from the top of the screen
    • DON'T TALK TO ME ABOUT THE 'CIRCLING BALLS' ENEMIES! Ok, they are designed to kill you, period. To survive their homing-in-and-killing-you behavior, you need:
      1. Already-powered-up weapon. And not just ONE power up, you better have Level 3 or 4.
      2. Luck (that a less-than-normal number of them spawned)
      3. Or, several hit-points to throw away
What else can I say?
This game makes Amagon look like a patient, even-handed challenge. To reiterate:
— carlmarksguy, 2016-05-02
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