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NES Obscurity Quicky!

Quattro Sports unlicensed multi-cart, you say? Yes, please! Having looked at the cover art and their international professional baseball league, the excitement content is starting to die down.
In fact, we're going to have to tag-team TWO of the games to have enough to say this week; so, first let's buckle up put on our dorky plastic protective gear and put the peddle to the metal sneaker for...
BMX Simulator
Well, if the title screen is anything to go by, we're in for some snappy bicycling with the radical team of Jason, Larissa and Bud. Let's see what happens next:
wow, this is the most bodacious score-board since Skeletor cheered my loss to Philtess -- just let me at this game!
It's a one-screen racer. A really rinky-dink, bizarre over-head-perspective one-screen racer. Let's look at it again in progress:
(I especially like the "directing traffic" guy near the bottom right corner)
I...I'd like to say more, but aside from the title screen, there's really not a lot going on. THIS is more like what I expect to find in an unlicensed multi-cart!
(Also, I'm pretty sure there's no breaks. A racing game full of near-180-degree turns, and you spend the whole time going full-speed then drift-turning).
Soccer Simulator
Oo, another impressive intro -- animated kickin'!
Let's see what happens next:
Oh. Well, it's starting to get kinda bland.
So, just "pick a flag" time? Low key; especially after the international league of baseball from last week.

Let's see where it goes from there:
Oh. Well then.
I guess we're in Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball territory here.
(You have a "charge" kind of attack for stealing the ball...but sadly you don't get Bill's fun landmines or heat-seeking stun buzz-saws to break up the monotony).
Well, after last week's page after page of baseball stats and funny team names...
we're definitely getting back to the expected formula of "unlicensed game = middling content." But as I also mentioned before, each of these games is more fully-realized than most NES minigame cartridges available.
Tune in next time, when we finish our salute to Quattro Sports!
(Or alternately, wait for the time AFTER next, when it's possible we'll talk about something interesting!)
— carlmarksguy, 2016-04-04
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