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NES Obscurity Quicky!

I was skimming through my pictures directories, looking for something easy interesting to discuss for this week, and something jumped out at me: a lot of NES characters have a party goin' on atop their respective heads.
Join me now as I thumb through the top 20 NES haircuts that I happened to stumble across this week. Also as you'll see, I've further padded organized this article into several different categories. Let's start with:
Flowing Locks of Manliness!
1. Contra Force - Beans
He is so set on growing out his floppy bangs, the combined wisdom of George Burns, Will Smith and a drunken Jeremy Irons can't talk him out of it!
2. Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates - Peter Pan
Peter's sporting some flowing hair, tied in a pony-tail using the same magenta fabric he's dressed in. Perfect for fighting OR impersonating pirates!
3. Gauntlet - Warrior
His dapper mullet sits atop a bare-chested tower of muscle (and he's toting the always-virile giant throwing axe!).
Spiky and/or Mohawky!
4. Kid Niki: Radical Ninja - Kid Niki
I mean, just look at him: HE'S A RADICAL NINJA. Of course he's going to have the best hair!
5. Double Dragon II - Linda
The red mohawk: a perfect post-apocalyptic style for the gents or ladies!
6. Ski or Die - title screen snowboarder
But the mohawk isn't just limited to barren post-apocalyptic wastelands: they're equally at home on the snowboard half-pipe.
7. Renegade - Joel
This beat-em-up's 2nd level boss accents his mohawk by putting a sieve over his lower jaw. This means that, after a long day of vigilante-pummeling, he's prepared to strain pasta!
8. Bad Street Brawler - Baseball Bat Punk
He's known for two things: spotty, spiky mohawks and baseball bat muggings...add to that the fact that he's unprepared to make spaghetti, and that spells trouble!
9. Ghoul School - Spike O'Haira
Well, he's got a similar spiky black mohawk and white baseball bat, but unlike Bad Street Brawler, he's the hero. The lesson? Don't judge a haircut by their choice of sporting equipment/armament!
10. Mega Man - CutMan
Not only is Cutman "The Barber" Beefcake's metal headgear fashionable, but it's also the instrument of further haircuts. No wonder his clear-points are 90,000!
Carrot Tops
11. Terminator - Reese
Even though he looks like Bobby Budnik in buckskins, follow this guy's red flat-top if you want to live!
12. Ninja Gaiden - Basaquer
Two daggers, a giant red topknot, and shoulder pads bigger than his entire legs...what's not to love? Also, his name seems like it would be pronounced like a cross between "Bass" and "Massacre"'s an embarrassment of riches!
13. Maniac Mansion - Razor
WARNING: exposure to Razor's sharp hair and punkish good looks may cause you to act like a tuna head.
It's not easy being green
14. Wurm: Journey to the Center of the Earth - Moby
With her giant green anime-hair, Moby's a shoe-in!
15. Ring King - E.APOLLO
Evidently the only cure for E.APOLLO's debilitating baldness was to apply chia seeds to his entire he sports this glorious kelly-green 'do, and he's got his boxing confidence back!
16. Kid Icarus - Green Pit
After getting his first power-up, Kid Icarus (aka "Pit"), follows E.APOLLO's lead and dyes his hair's better that than getting a dark purple makeover courtesy of the Eggplant Wizards!
Why so blue?
17. Athena - Athena
Snappy 'do, snappy headband...yes, blue is a perfectly normal color for hair.
18. Trojan - Goblin
Last seen on this site throwing tri-projectile bats, the goblin miniboss's blue 'do gets him on the list.
19. Ghosts n Goblins - Princess Whatever
Sir Arthur's woes begin with this demon-interrupted graveyard picnic...and that's ALMOST weird enough to distract us from the fact that his princess has long flowing blue-purple locks.
20. Little Nemo: the Dream Master - Nemo
Greek Goddesses, medieval princesses, bat-flinging goblins, and now small narcoleptic boys with purple coiffeurs: highly unnatural hair colors look good on everyone!
Well, that was as painless as a haircut
...and twice as quick. Tune in next time for my upcoming December theme month!
— carlmarksguy, 2015-11-30
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