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NES Obscurity Quicky!

It's October, and as is standing staggering tradition here at, that means SPOOKY THEME MONTH! Yes, October 2013 was Let me be Pseudo-Frank about Pseudo-Frank(enstien's monster) Month, October 2014 was Classic Black & White Monsters (on the gameboy) Month, and now October 2016 is set to be Mummy Month!
So we gather around to celebrate the original McMansion-of-the-Dead, Necropolis-enhabiting Entombed Kings of the NES and SNES gaming world, the humble Mummy! At first I thought I'd spend October 2015 looking at 8- and 16-bit Nintendo Mummies important enough to be heavily featured in their respective games --
For example, the Level 3 Mummy Twin bosses of Castlevania, or Shaq Fu's Mum-Ra Moriarty.
But then I realized there's quite a few games that feature these bandaged bruisers as little more than early-game hired undead muscle. So, taking the usual bass-ackwards approach*, October 2015 will celebrate the NES & SNES's Top Four Lowest-Level Mummy Enemies!
*: which landed GameWTFs its single badly-chosen citation on Wikipedia!
Ignominious Mummies of the SNES and NES #1...
Yes, the oft-mocked (by me) Tengen unlicensed game earns the first Ignominious Mummy article, by dint of having mummies show right at the beginning:
Mummy Placement: On the very first in-game screen.
Here we see our protagonist, the soon-to-be-kidnapped princess, and a shambling undead Egyptian nobleman.
(As an added bonus, the princess is there to point in the general direction of the mummy)
Mummy Combat Abilities: Curse of the Mummy's Shoving You.
But evidently, he can't hurt you by bumping in to you...
In fact, if you walk against him, you can push him around!
Note: this "intro" level is also the last time you see the mummies. Great use of a sprite, guys!
Mummy Weakness: Being attacked
Like every standard enemy in the game, the mummy dies with 1 pistol shot, or 2 throwing-knives, or 3 sword-blows.
The Mummy Guards... The end of the 1st level
(You have to beat up a few of them, then the screen scrolls to the Wizard, who zaps you and grabs the princess).
And that's all there is to it!
Tune in next time for more Ignominious Mummies; and in the mean time, might I point you to the site's oh-so-topical archive of SPOOKY! articles.
— carlmarksguy, 2015-10-05
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