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Up from (Super) Obscurity

So, I was looking at the list of SNES games I've talked about, and I realized that I've reviewed typed about games for each letter of the alphabet except for three. Coincidentally, there are now three Monday Article Days left in the month of August. Can you see where this is going?
That's right...THEME (half)-MONTH! And we'll begin with...
The Letter I:
Incredible Crash Dummies, (the)
As per usual, I won't actually be reviewing the game, because how much space could that take? Here, seventeen syllables that encapsulates an entire review:
A bad platformer,
with LJN at the helm?
No one is surprised.
Instead, let's focus on the game's main weird feature. In this case, that means the game's hitpoint system. In staying true to the character's concept (as demonstrated in the beginning cutscene),
anything worse than a strong breeze causes them to explode into a pile of heads and limbs.
Fun with Dismemberment!
As the game's Crash Dummy protagonist gets hit by roving cars or projectiles,
he goes from a creepy plastic parody of life,
to missing piece after piece.
Oddly enough, your various losses of limb don't effect your speed or maneuverability,
(though after your first two collisions -- when you're missing both legs -- you get rather short).
But after your 5th hit, your torso and head goofily fly off-screen and you're down 1 life.
But all this wackiness got me thinking: are there other SNES games that feature the protagonist losing a limb or two here and there?
Let me rephrase that: I mean, are there other SNES games that feature protagonists losing some limbs WITHOUT a ludicrously messy, bloody death ensuing shortly thereafter?
Well, it turns out the answer is YES!
Yes, Plok!, the odd flag-obsessed loosely-assembled fabric creature may have a standard 'energy' meter, but his main offense involves flinging his various limbs at his enemies:
In this case, your limbs "boomerang" back to you after they've been tossed. And like the Crash Dummies, lack of legs doesn't seem to prevent you from leaping and jumping like a ketchup-and-mustard covered gazelle.
So, now I've said some stuff about a SNES game that begins with the Letter "I"!
...any questions?
Good question!
Uh, I donno.
...but tune in next week for part 2 of Finishing the SNESphabet!
— carlmarksguy, 2015-08-17
We actually know of another game where you throw your limbs at people--Rayman! He has no arms or legs, just floating feet and hands, so you shoot your disembodied fists. It started for PS1 though. --Sneak
Cool! It's funny that the WII's Mii-s ended up boxing that way, too (and for basically the same graphics-limitation reason) a number of years later. Tho, don't get me wrong, I love WII Boxing :)
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