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NES Obscurity Quicky!

Like a number of '80s console games, Shinobi shows you the game's local map before you play each stage. But unlike some other games which show you the same game-spanning map every time, Shinobi's map is better in two regards:
  1. Each 4-stage-long level shows you a different map
  2. And the map shows the level's boss:
containing their picture, file number, code name, and each of them also has the same scribbly paragraph of information.
(it seems to begin with something like "Richter...")
Anyway, today we're going to review the first two bosses, with special emphasis on how to beat Boss 2 (who otherwise will likely stop you in your tracks, and about whom there appear to be some faulty FAQs floating around).
Boss 1: KEN-OH, ogre samurai! (pictured above)
Method of Attack: standing still while puffing out two heat-seaking amoeba fireballs.
Weakness: getting shot in the hole in his helmet around his face/eye region.
Special Tips: His heat-seaking fireballs are slow but relentless...however they run out of steam and disappear after a while. If you can jump over them or crawl under them early on, you can often ignore them until they time out. Before he makes new fireballs, jump up and shoot him in the face, firing slightly below the apex of your leap.
Fun Facts: When defeated, his "Flickering" sprite actually consists of half of him disappearing at a time (unlicensed game). Also, under certain circumstances, he may give you a gentle back massage.
Boss 2: BLACK TURTLE the Helicopter!
Somehow, less impressive than a "Hawk."
Method of Attack: Flying back and forth while dropping pogo-sword ninjas at you. Additionally, the front propeller and/or the front spike of the landing gear will hurt you...but NO OTHER PART OF THE HELICOPTER WILL (including the blades), so high-jump all you want!
Weakness: that motor/spike thingie, which makes an "invulnerable" ting noise when hit (yes, that is very misleading).
Special Tips: During the helicopter's low-to-the-ground flying phase, stay on the right side of the screen and repeatedly fire to the left. Despite the fact that you're supposedly shooting that yellowish thing by the nose-propeller, and your attacks seem like they'd fly below it, they'll connect.
Also, you'll be using the same "dodging the annoying henchmen while trying to get a bead on the boss" skills from Boss 1, but more so: while the bouncing ninjas fly in a very high arc, they try to come down on you each time, and take 2 hits to kill.
Fun Facts: Some FAQs suggest you win this fight by blasting a certain number of the bouncing ninjas. I disagree, and posit that the only way to win involves shooting the yellow helicopter-nose thingie.
Tune in next week for more Shinobi boss strategies
Also, I forgot to mention the most exciting thing about the game maps/dossiers and your victories over the bosses...
The post-boss-fight "File Stamped Closed" screen!
— carlmarksguy, 2015-07-10
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