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killer Vaniller filler

Not every video game can have a top-knotch rogue's gallery of fiends and monsters...sometimes your opposition features the dopey, drab and [note to self: think of another word that begins with "D"]
So, in the tradition of the Great 8 Random Screen Shot Fun Time and in the interests of pumping out a cheap article shedding some light on a forgotten SNES game and/or sprite, here's...
Eight Enemies A-Lackluster-ing!
DinoCity Bat Goombas?
Apparently the makers of this game were unsatisfied with ripping of Super Mario World's four-dino ferris-wheel boss's ferris wheel, they also decided to throw in some winged Little Goomba-style enemies. Weird!
Michael Jordon: Chaos in the Windy City — Basketball Spider-Bot
Here's another creepy enemy: Mr. Jordan battles against basketballs that have grown robotic legs and crawl around like spiders.
Home Alone 2 animate handbag
Ignore the bombs raining from the sky, and the disgruntled registration desk guy -- Kevin McCallister is in danger of shin damage from a tiny self-mobile handbag!
Jurassic Park — Jurassic Horseflies Jurassic Park -- home of many fascinating and dangerous dinosaurs! Also, feel free to get bitten to death by Horseflies of Unusual Size, just like an average summer vacation.
Tom & Jerry — tiny Frankenstein's Monster
In continuing the trend of "small, underwhelming beasties", this may be the least exciting Frankenstein's Monster on the SNES. And I know from Frankenstein's Monsters!
Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday — Murderous Daffy-a-pult
Speaking misplaced classic monsters: when Porky steps on those "Arrow Blocks," Daffy Dracula shows up and laughs an evil murderous laugh! This causes Porky to fling himself several thousand feet upwards, possibly through the ceilings above him. Logically!
Young Merlin — pig man
More semi-clothed pigs, this time as a villain. Young Merlin is quite rightly flabbergasted.
Cool World purple skater with kerchief
I'm not saying that ANYTHING which happens in this game makes any sense, but Purple Skater Kerchief Monster is just there for decoration. Unlike Angry Fozzy next to him (who charges you a nickel or a life if you collide with him), Mr. Purple performs no function, thus making him (her? It?) the most lackluster of the bunch.
— carlmarksguy, 2014-06-06
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