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Just a picture-heavy quickie this week: I'll celebrate The U.S. of A's Thanksgiving tradition of eating turkeys by document a bunch of Super Nintendo games where your characters get health power-ups for touching giant pieces of cooked poultry.
(Oddly enough, none of these characters keel over in a Tryptophan-induced food coma a half hour later...though that shouldn't stop you from doing so, if you wish!)
For easier digestion organization, I've grouped the turkey/chicken food products into two categories. First, we have...
We're Back: A Dinosaur's Story
Pictured above is Rex the (mini) T-Rex, about to boost his energy (aka, "power") by gobbling a chicken-leg of prehistoric proportions.
Brawl Bros
Here we see Kazan (the Christmas Ninja) celebrating Turkey-Day by beating up purple harlequin-masked goons, and also eating drumsticks and candy bars found lying around a roof-top construction area.
Swamp Thing and a flock of crows seem to have knocked Kaor off his feet...but he'll feel a lot better when he chows down on that drumstick lying in the middle of the mud!
Scooby-Doo Mystery
This bonus game is the circle of life in action: Shaggy throws processed meats, cheeses and LIVE CHICKENS over his shoulder to Scooby-Doo...but when the chickens strike Scooby's plate they immediately turn into freshly-cooked drumsticks (pictured above: before & after). Weird.
Enough with the appetizers, it's on to the main course:
Cooked Chickens or Turkeys:
Ghoul Patrol
In a deviation from Zombies Ate my Neighbors's rare burger energy-boosts, Ghoul Patrol features more frequent foodstuffs in the form of small-ish cooked fowl scattered about the floor.
I'd call them "cornish game hens", but this game doesn't have the corny charm of is predecessor. [/long way to go for a bad joke]
Sonic Blast Man
Why haven't I written about this game yet?! Well, possibly because it's already been extensively covered by one of my friends. Suffice to say it's a beat-em-up where you play as a dopey-looking super hero wearing boxing gloves (hey, it hurts to repeatedly punch hundreds of street thugs directly in the face! How's a sonic blast man supposed to play piano after that kind of knuckle damage, except by wearing some kind of hand protection?)
Fortunately Mr. Blast Man's battle mittens don't prevent him from instantly scarfing down this delicious roast turkey for an energy Bluto and Pirate Bluto look on in jealously. I guess there's a reason he's not called "SHARING Blast Man."
Rival Turf
I think it always comes back to Rival Turf here at GameWTFs, because it's my favorite beat-em-up ever. And for more evidence of its awesomeness, observe Oozie Nelson uncovering a Thanksgiving feast on the rooftop of a gang-controlled building. And THIS power-up comes complete with the rarest of beat-em-up food accoutrements: a PLATE!
Yes, if there's one thing we've learned from video games, it's that the only way to survive is to immediately devour any meat you find lying on the ground.
I mean, what could possibly go wrong?
Happy Thanksgiving!
— carlmarksguy, 2013-11-29
Another thing about that Scooby-Doo minigame that someone pointed out to me is that the refrigerator and Shaggy appear to have reflections, but Scooby doesn't. Maybe it's magical vampire powers that instantly convert the chickens to edible fodder.
That Scooby game is indeed interesting. If only they'd gone full-Maniac-Mansion on it; I tired playing again a few months ago, and its got the worst of "overlap with an enemy and die in seconds" mechanics; no invulnerability, only seconds to react and jump away, or -1 life.
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