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Up from (Super) Obscurity

As we discussed last week, Legend is a perfectly servicable second- or third-tier Super Nintendo beat-em-up; not quite as good as the Rushing Beat series, but better than the abysmal tools of video game torture like The Tick.
But it has a few more quirks I left out, so to further pad my website bring this game to life, let's discuss some of its other noteworthy features.
Yes, hail and well-met friend, for again we shall return to a time of simpler beat-em-ups, when the only law was your sword, and the very idea of indoor plumbing was as bizarre as not eating pig spleens on a stick. Yes, you've got a one-way ticket to the hardy world of myth and...
Everyone has something to give!
Much like Alien vs. Predator, every enemy you beat drops something for you to pick up. But unlike AvP, about half of the items are health-boosts! Let's take a closer look:
Aside from the ol' medieval standby, (a bag with a dollar sign on it), there's also:
Keys, Potions...
...Turkey Legs, or Bread.
Igor's Axe: if it walks like a sword, and whacks like a sword...
We already got a hint that Player 2 (the "Igor" to Player 1's "Kaor") was an afterthought when we found out he was a palette swap of Player 1...but if you watch him swing his axe for any extended period of time, you notice some wrong-ness in the sprite work:
It looks like most of Igor's attack is a sprite-rewrite of Kaor's sword swings, and some of the middle frames involve him holding it with one hand by the very end of its haft:
This works for, say, a sword...but not so much with a big two-handed battle axe!
Featuring a Colorful Cast of Thousands Severals!
Let's look at some vital statistics and strategies for the basic foot soldier types you meet in the first two levels*.
*: I'd include bosses or later foot soldiers, but I'm lazy (so I wouldn't get the last few bosses) and also there's only about 2-3 further enemy types introduced in the rest of the game!
Enemy Battle Tactics Likes Dislikes
Dog-Faced Spearman
While you're fighting them, one of them will sneak up behind you and backstab you. Bacon Looking like a cross between Orko and an actual Orc.
Kaiser Palooka
While you're fighting them, one of them will sneak up behind you and backstab you. Jumping around and blocking your attacks with his shield Being mistaken for Burgess Meredith
Ninja Bowman
Hops in from the side of the screen, fires an arrow at you, then leaves. ...that he only shows up 2-3 times in the whole game Showing up in this game.
Wetlands Thing
While you're fighting them, one of them will sneak up behind you and backstab you. Adrienne Barbeau Having a skull face and a body made out of boogers.
Rusty Shackleford
While you're fighting them, one of them will sneak up behind you and backstab you. The fact that he's not currently chained to the wall. The fact that he's still wearing 5 pounds of chains on each limb.
While you're fighting them, one of them will sneak up behind you and backstab you. Cheesy executioner hoods Igor's flimsy one-handed axe-swinging technique.
A few of them also have uniform-swapped versions where their hat or scarf is a different color (to indicate their increased combat ability)...but in general these are the dudes you'll be battling for much longer than you care to play Legend!.
Well, that's about it...
I hope you've enjoyed this waste of time article, so I'll sign off for the week, because...
It's bonus time!
— carlmarksguy, 2013-02-08
I got to the last (5th? 6th?) level of this the other weekend. It rapidly turned in to, "KILL ANOTHER ROOM FULL OF ENEMIES BEFORE PATIENCE RUNS OUT."
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