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Up from (Super) Obscurity

Let's continue my grumbling about Action Games where I absolutely positively had to resort to a F.A.Q. to get past the first few levels.
As you may recall, last time I got stuck on the NES RoboCop's second boss. This time, we have another second-boss conundrum, but this time it's on the Super Nintendo. Revolutionary stuff, this unknown boss strategy. One might even refer to this boss problem as...
Revolution X, SNES:
and a profound reach for a segue. Yup, we're looking at the Aerosmith-em-Up known as:
Or, perhaps I should call it...
Revolution X™ Music Is the Weapon-Featuring Aerosmith
Well, perhaps not.
Anyway, I wager the big draw for this game was...
The Aerosmith band tie-in!
(because the game's appeal sure as hell wasn't...
The plot...
...or the paint-by-numbers shoot-em-up gameplay.
Fortunately [sp?] there's also some creepy sex appeal shoehorned in.
Stockholm Syndrome? More like WOODstockholm Syndrome!
Anyway, if you haven't gotten a good sense of what this game's all about by now, I don't know what else I can add. Oh wait, yes I do!
Heh-heh, cool...
Ok, back on topic:
After blowing away a bunch of generic yellow-coated goons in the clubs and streets,
you end up in a swooping, skyscraper-window-passing-by shoot 'em up with THIS hefty piece of hardware/level boss:
...the most badass gun-game chopper this side of The Adventures of Bat You Billy!
So, like most gun-game boss fights, you pick away at it while it inevitably fills you with holes in return. And at first, it seems like you're making progress: you do the obvious thing and target the various missile launching spots, and they gradually get blown away.
But as time goes by, the chopper has less and less gun turrets, and fewer places indicate they're taking damage as you fire away. The fight kept going and going (I believe there were not-infrequent Energy-Ups, which kept me fighting despite the incoming fire), and it seemed like we'd be locked in this Revolutionary Death Tussle for X more hours (where X = infinity).
So it was at this point when I had to pause my ACTION GUN GAME and take to the internet, for a FAQ that would tell me how to stop this stupid helicopter boss once and for all.
And what was the answer, the chopper's final Achille's Heel?
Why, it's silly little goatee, of course!
Yes, blowing off this tiny "T" of metal on the chin of the whirlybird was the one piece of damage it could not withstand. (it would seem like it and Black Turtle have the same vulnerability).
Let's see...maybe somewhere I can find an image to express my emotions, upon discovering what the game's programmers expected me to figure out? I think I can!
See you next time!
— carlmarksguy, 2016-04-25
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