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Cover Art Theatre

So, in Part 1 and Part 2 of the Great NES Cover Art Bandana Split, we saw games where the protagonists' cover art snappy sweatband didn't appear throughout in the pixels.
But this week, in the third and final installment, we see a trifecta of bandana cover-art-to-game transitions that are (almost) flawless! Every game features both a bandana in-game AND in a fancier character portrait (cutscene/intro scene or otherwise). It's enough to make you think, "wow, this whole thing was just an excuse to show off a bunch of cover art with very few words!"
And in that spirit, it's on to PART 3 - WINNERS!
Bronze Metal Winner: Shadow of the Ninja
In-Game Character Select screen AND in-game sprites (for this 2-player simultaneous ninja-fest) both feature the vaunted hair-ties (even though they don't look very much like their cover-art equivalents).
Why did this game come in 3rd place? Well, Kaede's cover-art picture doesn't include a bandana!
Silver Metal Winner: Dragon Power
This Dragon Ball regionalization doesn't just feature a super-bland Karate Dude doing the traditional cover art jumpkick with a really large big features a super-bland Karate Dude with a tough-guy scar AND A BIG BLUE BANDANA!
In battle scenes AND cutscenes, Generic Karate Dude features a bandana! Or, perhaps, sweatband; it doesn't really have the trailing bits.
Why did this get 2nd place? HEY -- its a white bandana rather than the cover's blue bandana.
Clash at Demonhead
Well, demonic or not -- there's a lot of things flying together to crash and/or clash into this guy's head...but his dark locks don't have anything to worry about, there's a snappy red bandana to keep them safe!
Once again, whether its fighting time or the aptly-titled "Talking Time", Billy "Big Bang" Blitz's crazy hair is kept under control by a bandana....
And his cover-matching red bandana at that, for which Clash at Demonhead wins the Gold Metal at the Great NES Cover Art Bandana Split!
And really, is there a more sought-after award in all of NES history?
I didn't think so!
Tune in next week for...uh, something else, anyway.
— carlmarksguy, 2016-02-17
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