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Cover Art Theatre

Recently as I was looking at NES cover art, I realized there was one very common motif: bandanas! Whether it was wrapped around the chunky head of a muscular lummox, or tying back some karate fellow's silky mane, a lot of NES protagonists appear in their on-cartridge portrait wearing these fashionable strips of cloth.
However, as we've often seen, what appears on the outside of the box doesn't often translate to your television screen. So today we're starting a 3-week tour of NES Cover Art featuring the game's hero sporting a Bandana:
  1. First I'll show you how it looks on the cover art,
  2. and then we'll review the in-game hero, to see if their sprite has the bandana,
  3. and where available, we'll also check any electronic portraits/cutscenes for bandanas, too!
Sound exciting? Well, lower your expectations a bit...this week we're starting with the Bandana LOSERS -- where the Cover Art writes a check that the pixels can't cash.
Part 1.A -- Losers whose Bandana Cover Art we've already seen:
Renegade (well, alternate coverart, anyway)
We were promised a stringy red bandana...but we got floppy brown hair.
Bare-chested kung fu master with black tall-headed Billy Lee clone in a vest.
As we said before, suave '90s teens on the cover (one of whom is wearing this week's special headband) is actually a doofy tween in the game.
Now, let's move on to Part 1.b: Brand NEW losers, featuring cover art I haven't previously scanned! (and click the cover-art pictures below for a larger view!)
Double Dragon
Double your dragons, double your headbands!
Well, the game features only a SINGLE dragon...but that 50% reduction in DRAGON has been dwarfed by a 100% reduction in bandanas!
...featuring Bandana-vania!
It's not really a metroid-vania game...which means Simon can't search for and find any bandanas at all :.(
Well Done, Bandana Kid!
Better rest a while Jack, then tune in next week for more of the great Bandana split. (including some games whose sprites are actually WEARING bandanas!)
— carlmarksguy, 2016-02-06
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