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Boy in Gray

In our first enstallment of Any Gray Port in a Storm, we looked at the four-color gameboy versions of Oddworld Adventures and Mortal Kombat, and wondered why anyone would try cramming a game that was eye-candy into a system that was an eye-sore.
I mean, it sounds like a recipe for sore candy, AMIRITE?
But like I mentioned, it seemed to be a pretty popular trend; many mid- to late-'90s games that came to the SNES got run through the bland funnel and ended up on the Impotent Portables. So, with that in mind...
Let's poke fun at another porting!
And for part 2, we'll look at...
Mortal Kombat II
You may remember that Mortal Kombat got downgrayed downgraded: instead of its iconic lineup of seven, the Gameboy version could only fit these Sinester Six (not this)
Mortal Kombat character select, SNES vs Gameboy.
SNES Kombatants: 7 total, 2 are Palette Swaps, for 6 distinct bodies.
Gameboy Kombatants: 6 total, 2 are Palette Swaps, for 5 distinct bodies.
(Omitted: Johnny Cage).
Mortal Kombat II character select, SNES vs Gameboy.
SNES Kombatants: 12 total, 3 & 2 are Palette Swap Sets, for 9 distinct bodies.
Gameboy Kombatants: 8 total, 3 & 2 are Palette Swap Sets, for 5 distinct bodies.
(Omitted: Kung Lao, Johnny Cage, Baraka, Raiden).
Wow, there's a lot of ways to slice that downgrade!
SNES-to-Gameboy Comparison: MK I MK II Inaccuracy
% of kombatants ported: 85.71% 66.67% 22.21%
% of distinct bodies ported: 83.33% 55.56% 33.33%
I to II Increase in... SNES Gameboy % Fail
# of kombatants: 5 2 60%
# of distinct bodies: 4 0 100%
% of roster that's palette-swaps 19.04% 43.33% 227.57%
It's quantitative! But what about the qualitative?
Last time, we looked at the problem with Ninja-on-Ninja action, when the palette swapping now means "they're both gray"
Well, I thought I'd start a match here by picking Reptile, the NEW gray ninja:
Given that the roster is 43.33% palette swaps already, what's the worst that could happen?
Maybe I'll fight Scorpion, or Subzero...
You know, maybe NOT making "Mirror Matches" show up at random would help.
Yeah, that seems about right.
But does he? DOES HE REALLY??
I think that's about all I can take this week.
Well, I think I can find one more picture to sum up what we've learned:
Gameboy Port: grin and bear it!
— carlmarksguy, 2015-11-02
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