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NES Obscurity Quicky!

So far in Ignominious Mummies Month, we've seen mummies on pirate ships and mummies that mutate into parrots, lobsters and skulls. This week we're going to look at some completely normal, average, run-of-the-mill mummies.
Yes, there's nothing odd or different about THESE entombed Egyptian nobles!
Except perhaps the fact that they happen to be from a version of Egypt set in a world where...
(often ducks)
Yes, if you grew up in the 1980s, you will have no doubt been musically informed that life is like a hurricane, there in Duckberg. And speaking of hurricanes, the game features Scrooge McDuck's whirlwind* world tour to gather all the planet's resources into his giant vault.
While I'm not very familiar with this game, I DO know it's made by Capcom, whose 8-bit works are almost always synonymous with one thing:
sequels quality!
Anyway, like NES Capcom's greatest hits, Duck Tales lets you start with whatever level you wish.
Therefore, while the mummies aren't necessarily the lowliest of cannon fodder, they're nearly the first dudes in their particular level, and you could choose to play that level first. Let's take a look at these bandaged ne'er-do-wells, using my semi-regular criteria!
Ignominious Mummies of the SNES and NES #3...
Mummy Placement: Near the beginning of Transylvania.
Not only are they from the mallard-equivalent of Earth, but they've been forced to hop a carriage from Duck-Egypt to Duck-Borgo-Pass.
At least they're not the very first enemies you meet; that honor falls to THESE goosed versions of horror classics:
Rude Ghost and Duck-Billed Skeletons!
Mummy Combat Abilities: Bumping in to you.
But only if Unca Scrooge happens to get too close, because you see...
Mummy Weakness: They've been tied down.
Welcome to the Mummy Chain Gang; they're evidently sentenced to 5-10 (thousand) years of hard labor, breaking (presumably duck-shaped) rocks with a (bill-shaped?) hammer. Meanwhile, they wander back and forth, but only as far as the length of their tether.
The Mummy Guards... stuff.
Treasure chests, magic mirrors, or just platforms you have to jump on to continue.
Yes, the mortal remains of Duck-Man-Ho-tep stand there, filling up space, standing in the way of loot and level progression alike.
That is, until a geriatric duck-millionaire shows up, swings his mighty cane at their leg-iron's cannon ball,
and then they spin until...
I can't top that.
Tune in next week for the end to this-y here theme, with some more humble undead feathers fellers!
— carlmarksguy, 2015-10-23
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