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Boy in Gray

Gameboy pictures; so far we've seen parts one, B, and III top ten lists, yet there's still so much more time to fill before I can sit down and write a good article.
Fortunately this week I've found even more odd and disturbing stuff; so whether its pig man cannibalism or ancient Egyptian dance, this week we've got something for no one everyone!
Arbitrary 10 Wacky Gameboy Pictures, Part the Fourth!:
1 & 2: Fortified Zone - bedroom war room eyes!
Boys have bigger guns than girls.
3: Cutthroat Island - Oh, my dogs are barking!
Actually, the Gameboy game seems more playable than the SNES version.
4: Captain America and the Avengers - a Vision of boredom.
Goons with machine guns? Yawn!
5: Castle Quest - Archon meets Chess meets...the Neighborhood of Make-Believe?
Skeletons + Piggies + Final Fantasy's Black Mage?
6: Castle Quest - Eat me!
Doofy cartoon pigs orcmen: if you eat them, you will be fat.
7: Castle Quest - Orko vs. ...what the hell?
Clowns? Why did it have to be clowns?!
8: We're Back: a Dinosaur's Story - "You will never see your friends again!"
I hate to mention it, but what's going on around this guy's...lower torso?
9: We're Back: a Dinosaur's Story - Woah, woah, woah!!
Ok, so the mini-T-Rex looks a little less impressive than he does on the SNES.
10: CatTrap - Dance, Dance, Entombment.
As near as I can figure it, CatTrap is a game about catgirls or catboys hip-checking an infinite series of living mummies.
— carlmarksguy, 2015-03-06
In Picture #5, the CastleQuest Magician looks like an Orko/Black Mage, but in Picture #7 he has a Dumb Donald hat.
Ahhh, Dumb Donald from Fat Albert! :D Forgot about him. You're absolutely right, though- Title Screen magician clearly has "shadowed eyes BELOW hat", unlike in-game.
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