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Boy in Gray

If there's one thing I learned last week, it's that I should spend more time talking about original black-and-white Gameboy games I've bought. It seems like people seldom bother to look at the old gray monstrosity, so its catalog is less well-documented.
And if there's two things I learned last week, it's that the "top 10 list" style of article is a cheap way to create content.
So I've decided to combine those two revelations, and let you guys in on 10 wacky pictures I've seen recently, playing some of my latest monochromatic purchases.
Arbitrary 10 Wacky Gameboy Pictures:
1: The Fidgetts - the title screen really lets you know what you're in for!
...which is, "clinically insane mouse hijinx!"
2: The Fidgetts - what a team!
I haven't seen a game with such a high proportion of useless playable characters since, oh, Friday the 13th!
3: The Fidgetts - all vermin go to heaven!
Somehow, mice seem to be invulnerable to Nintendo's policy of removing religious imagry.
4: Raging Fighter - a relaxing knockout.
Sometimes it's nice to just kick up your feet and lie down in mid air after being beaten into unconsciousness!
5: Raging Fighter - LOSER!
Oh dear, the Tao has lost to vandals. The 64 things must have spraypaint and litter on them.
6: Raging Fighter - Johnny Long-Torso, is that you?
Perhaps he's been driven to a life of bare-knuckle fighting because of his Disproportionately Small Limbs disorder...?
7: Casper - (I think he already kicked this).
Now you must be loud enough to wake the dead.
8: Dexterity - it takes a lot of dexterity to square off with a boogly-eyed bug and a happy ghost!
Oh, and don't look now, but I think the ghost just peed.
(and why do almost all Gameboy games feature ghosts?)
9: Dr. Franken II - Well done! Now you can cook a hamburger.
At least you didn't find bourbon and beans.
— carlmarksguy, 2015-02-13
I wonder what year that Fidgetts came out. The characters look like a clear edit of Pinky & the Brain.
I think they look like Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy- By the way Pinky and the Brain were banned in the Republic of Birmania as Pinky, in birmanian language, means "gay man".
It looks like both Animaniacs and (the original European release) of Fidgetts happened in 1993; it's hard to say, but given that Short-Fidgett has a huge body to go with his huge head, its probably just the "tall skinny guy/short fat guy" pairing, though Tall-Fidget is quite Pinky-Like...NARFFT!
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