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NES Obscurity Quicky!

We're picking up where we left off last week, in comparing two NES beat-em-ups which began life on the humble Commodore 64:
Bad Street Brawler and Target: Renegade
We've already looked at the selection of common enemies from the first handful of levels; let's examine at some of the level bosses!
First Bosses: Bad Street Brawler
It's man vs. great ape at the end of a Bad Street day!
While Bad Street Brawler usually has their bosses come back as enemies in later levels, this big guy certainly dwarfs level 1's...uh, dwarfs.
First Bosses: Target Renegade
Tire-Chucking Giant
Target: Renegade isn't the most inspiring game when it comes to its bosses: it generally has you fight the same boss at the end of two levels in a row, and almost all of its bosses have the same pattern*.
*: hit once then run far away or lose huge blocks of health from their counter-attack. Oddly enough, Jump-Kicks don't help; just a normal punch or kick (followed by a retreat) is the way to go.
But as you can see, at least its bosses don't look awkward while launching their attacks, or funny when they get hit!
Some Next Bosses: Bad Street Brawler
A mix of Skaters, average joes and Tubby Tims
Duke Davis is just as likely to meet a string of normal enemies at the end of some levels, but when they introduce new baddies, they're fairly memorable.
Some Next Bosses: Target Renegade
Hideous tower of misshapen meat
...not sure what's going on with this noseless, giant-chinned behemoth, but he's certainly continues the game's pattern of having bosses with unwieldly attacks and bizarre injury pictures!
Left: He waves his giant clown-shoe-like feet at you. — Right: when struck, his eyes turn in to music notes and he covers his pecks with his giant arms.
Other Noteworthy Bosses: Bad Street Brawler
Pink Stunt Biker / Smilin' Tiger!
Evel Knievel's cousin does tricks while buzzing you with his candy-colored stunt-cycle!
Also, remember those gorillas who escaped from the zoo? Well, evidently zoo security hasn't gotten any better, and now you'll have to fend off vigilante-eating tigers.
Other Noteworthy Bosses: Target Renegade
Like a giant version of the gals in green, Roxy swaggers up to you with the game's trademark over-built arms and spindly legs.
Unless you strike-and-retreat, she'll unleash an unbelievable-angled punch or body-slam you then do a high-heeled dance on your face.
(But land a punch or kick and she bugs her eyes out just like the Tire-Chucking Giant from levels 1 & 2)
That's about all the weirdness I can withstand for now...
So let's say "goodbye" to our heroes as they reap some praise from their adoring public:
...and I'll see you next time!
— carlmarksguy, 2014-11-14
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