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This week we continue our salute to Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls. More specifically, we pick up where last week's The Shadow Falls Spectator Spectacular left off -- here's more of the various level's wacky background spectators!
Fusion Plant Interior
If there's anywhere more logical to fight than OUTSIDE a fusion plant, it's INSIDE a fusion plant! The dangers of an errant HA-DU-KEN hitting fissile material pale in comparison with how AWESOME it is to kick someone by the light of Cherenkov radiation!
Stage Left: Lab coats: the perfect accessory for that little black purple dress!
Stage Right: I'm guessing from this guy's muscular build that he was originally hired to shovel coal into a coal plant's furnace. Then when the coal plant got replaced by a fusion plant, he stayed around in case they needed someone to shovel atoms into the atom-smasher or something.
Chemical Factory
Sure, a fusion plant is fun and all, but what do you do with all the toxic waste? If you said, "bottle it and sell it", Metro City's chamber of commerce likes the cut of your jib, sir!
The Guy in the Center: He pulls the lever which makes flames shoot out from screen-left or screen-right (to no appreciable affect on your fighters). Meanwhile jar after jar of highly deadly green goo rolls by on the conveyor belt, unheeded.
Dusty's Garage
When street fights break down, do they become garage fights?
Stage Left: An ad for the Baja-based sequel to Super Off-Road. And is that a welder behind the window? Or a knight?
Stage Right: A welder-guy takes a blow-torch to a muffler, for reasons known only to him. Also note the snazzy dark-blue car with the dragon design (Bas-Relief??) on the hood!
Metry City Hotel
Metro City Motel: we'll leave the roof door unlocked for ya (so you can sword-fight on top of our building).
Stage Left: Oh, now that guy's got Renaissance Festival written all over him. Huzzah!
Stage Right: This muscular dude is ALMOST the Fusion Plant Coal-Shovelling Guy from above, but his slacks and sleeves are slightly different.
Shadow Dungeon
Well, this is different.
Wow. I'm not sure what's more disturbing: the chained-up people, the fact that the skeleton in the foreground occasionally raises his head, or that I've gotten so used to seeing Sickle in his normal magenta-and-red duds that yellow-and-blue "anti-Sickle" looks weird to me.
Shadow Dojo Exterior
TOTALLY not a Mortal Kombat dragon-yin/yang ripoff. Honest!
Stage Left: a hippy muppet gives you thumbs up from beside Cody's Grill Lady's motorcycle
Stage Right: Hey, this other muppet/Simpsons reject is the owner of that sweet ride we saw in Dusty's garage!
Shadow Dojo Interior
Stage Left: This frisky Pirate enjoys posing in front of carvings of wrestlers and...hey, wait a minute -- that's a fake eye-patch!
Stage Right: Here's Pirate Guy's karate pal, who shares a similar fashion sense AND appreciation of fist-fights between guys with cannon-arms!
...and that about wraps it up!
To close out this 3-part tribute to Double Dragon V, I'll leave you with a few more of the odd, odd dossiers:
...Twins, separated at birth?
...or should I say...
— carlmarksguy, 2014-07-18
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