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Ok, remember Ultimate Fighter, which I briefly summarized last week?
Turns out it has PLENTY more weird pictures, so to save effort time, let's just dig in and see some more of 'em:
The continuing journeys of Rick, (the Ultimate Fighter)
"I'm going to hit you with a sword made of the most deadly substance on earth: WOOD!" It's dangerous to go alone, take this...UPSIDE YOUR HEAD!
The Dragon Statue containing...Magic Water!
Salarymen just love martial arts fist-fights that end with one fighter being engulfed in blue flame and warping everyone to a parallel dimension!
Leapin' Quarterstaff vs. Jumpin' Light Sabres! Such a SMACK you're going to get!
Your Power Ranger victory pose (or you're signaling an airplane to pull in to a runway)
Dude, I know how passwords work; I don't need TWO warnings about writing it down correctly.
Your other source of Magic Water: this guy's gym, which is evidently located in every city, Nurse Joy-style.
Another unique Miami miniboss: Iron Claw. What rips off Vega -- STAYS ripped-off Vega!
I don't know who that television program is trying to kid: Ultimate Fighter has the REAL Storage Wars!
Gifted...with AWESOME SNEAKS! Check out those shoes!
The ref is pretty intense. I'm just glad I don't have to fight him.
Mr. Machoman Gossett: a Serpentor-style genetic combination of "Macho Man" Randy Savage, the Ultimate Warrior, and Lou Gossett Jr!
When this guy uses a flying elbow, he REALLY uses a flying elbow!
A Black Magician, you say? I'm intrigued! What's his name!
Well, at LAST!
I don't know about you, but I hate having to wait for the dark dimension to reveal its real nature!
See you next week, kids!
— carlmarksguy, 2013-09-27
Do you think I'm being hyperbolic when I say this game has the greatest names in any video game? I mean I'm pretty sure I caught one called "Art Nouveau Betty" on the other page, and it appeared to be a dude.
I think the Haggar-lookin' dude might be the same as the chubby, Ron Swanson-ish character from Flying Warriors. But the effect of losing weight is now he looks just like Mike Haggar. (Both were probably based on Jesse Ventura is my guess.)
@Zycrow: This game has some pretty great names. I think most of it is the guys who did the Americanization just making up whatever they wanted. Also Betty is a woman in the tradition of Linda Lash etc (even if her "squaring off" pose doesn't show it). @FO: This is definitely a Flying Warriors game, even in this (the American version) they mention that name.
Yeah, I think the Japanese name of it is something like Hiryu No Ken S: Golden Fighter. Flying Warriors was a mixture of Hiryu No Ken II and III.
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